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Horse & Hound, Ltd.
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Horse and Hound Tack Store. Horse and Hound Tack Store. Horse and Hound Tack Store.
Horse and Hound Tack Store. Horse and Hound Tack Store.
Horse and Hound Tack Store.
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  How Horse and Hound began.
Prior to 1989, the only way for area horse owners and riders to purchase the products they needed was through catalogs. Catalog shopping is always a bit of guesswork - is the product you are choosing the right size, strength, quality? The only way to tell is to wait for the package to arrive and then evaluate the goods, keeping what fits and returning what doesn't to try again. This time consuming and often frustrating process inspired the inception of Horse and Hound, Ltd.
Because each horse and each rider has unique and individual needs, hands on purchasing is a much more satisfactory process than the catalog guesswork. It made sense to Sandra Cleary that a retail shop to meet the needs of area horses and riders would be a viable venture that would serve to benefit the area horse community. Using the knowledge acquired over years of owning, riding, training and showing horses and working with a network of riders, trainers, and stable owners, Sandra Cleary developed a cumulative wish list put together by area equestrians and built an inventory to satisfy those wishes.
Hiring sales staff with strong and varied horse experience assured that the Horse & Hound shopping experience would continue to meet the needs of the area's horses and riders. Over the past 15 years, the store has grown, the inventory has been honed to fit the changing needs of riders, and the staff has remained well rounded and experienced - Horse and Hound has become the horseman's tack shop. A faithful clientele has spread the word about the store's sales and service, with most advertising accomplished by word-of-mouth - our customers are our best advertising. Stop in, or take our virtual tour. We know you'll find the Horse & Hound experience more than satisfactory. [Take a photo tour of the shop.]
301 Sky Harbour Drive La Crosse, WI 54603    608-783-7504   e-mail
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